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Home care services in Kingston, Ontario 

Are you looking for home care services? Evolve Home Care is a home care provider based in Kingston, Ontario. We understand the challenges that come with growing older. Taking care of yourself is more difficult, but you don’t have to do everything by yourself. You can have a certified caregiver or nurse look after you. Our goal is to help seniors and others stay at home and improve their quality of life. You deserve dignity and independence, no matter who you are or what you need.


What home care services do we provide?










And many others

Why choose us for home care in Kingston?

  • We have experience with home care. Our caregivers and nurses are qualified to provide care services. They have CPR certifications and continue to keep up with their training. 
  • We customize our home care services. At Evolve Home Care, we understand each individual is different and unique. As such we create a personalized care plan for every client. 
  • We provide a free consultation. This allows us to learn more about you and your needs. Don’t be afraid to ask us for additional information. We are able to come to your home, to the hospital, or to another location in Kingston. 
  • We conduct review visits on a regular basis. In doing so, we can better oversee the care you are receiving. If you need to make any changes, let us know and we can adjust your care plan accordingly. 
  • We facilitate phone calls and other forms of communication with family members, friends, along with healthcare professionals. 
  • We have a 24 hour on call support line for questions or emergencies. You can call us at any time, and we will have someone to assist you. 


What are our clients saying about us?

“I would recommend Evolve Home Care. The caregivers are kind and considerate. They go above and beyond to ensure the people in their care get what they need. My family has used their home care services for a while now, and we will continue to.”

-Patti M

“The home care services made such a big difference. My family appreciates all the work that the caregivers at Evolve Home Care do. They are professional and friendly, going the extra mile to take care of my grandmother.”

-Sandra B.

“I am grateful for Evolve Home Care and their care services. They took care of all the details, so I didn’t have to worry. Their caregivers exceeded my expectations by being attentive to every detail.”

-Lucy C.

Free in-home consultation for personal care

Interested in learning more about our personal care services? You can contact us today for a free in-home consultation to see how we can help you. We will sit down with you and discuss your needs. We’ll ask questions regarding your personal information, medical history, and details about the service or services you need. Then we can come up with a solution that works best for your budget.

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