Senior Home Care Kingston

Senior Home Care Kingston

Senior Home Care Kingston

Home care services should make a difference in your life. Evolve Home Care understands that as we get older, it gradually becomes more difficult to look after ourselves, but we don’t underestimate your wisdom and experience. That’s why Evolve Home Care meets you at your level of care needs and provides support in the areas of life you need to maintain your independence and dignity. Think of it as a collaboration to give you the best quality of life you can manage, at any age. We want to help you stay at home in familiar surroundings, but not feel alone in facing the journey of old age alone. Our certified nurses and caregivers are specially trained to support you and provide valuable companionship. It’s in the word – caregivers care. We are here for you!

What home care services do we provide?


Getting dressed

Pulling together an outfit for the day is one thing – getting it on is another. These kinds of tasks might be something you can manage alone, but if you have any trouble, your senior home caregiver or nurse with Evolve Home Care is here to get you looking sharp and ready to take on the day.



It’s only when you let your grooming needs slide that you start to understand how important they are. Putting your hair into your favourite braid, getting a nice clean in the bath, getting that nice clean shave, applying makeup for that special night out – whatever the task, our experienced senior home care specialists are here to get you looking your best, and then some!



Maybe you enjoy cooking and need a sous chef. Maybe you’d rather sit back and let our senior home care caregivers and nurses take care of dinner for you. Maybe you have special needs when it comes to diet or eating habits. Whatever the circumstance, let Evolve Home Care keep cooking fun and eating one of the highlights of your day!



Evolve Home Care understands how important it is for your home to be in tip-top shape, because your space is a reflection of you! We specialize in house cleaning needs to get into every nook and cranny for dust, dirt and grease accumulation that comes from a well-loved home environment.

Why choose us for home care in Kingston?




Evolve Home Care has several years of experience in senior home care. Our caregivers and nurses are highly trained to provide you with the best care services we can. They have full CPR certifications and regularly keep up with these safety practices so they come as second nature in a situation when they are needed.


Customizable Plans:

We have fully customizable senior home care services. At Evolve Home Care, we understand the individual needs of our clients – no two are the same! We will strive to meet you at the care level you need so your freedom is maintained and your quality of life improved.


Free Consultations:

We provide a free consultation for all our potential clients. Evolve Home Care wants to make sure we are the right fit for you! This consultation lets us understand your specific needs and get to know you. It’s also a chance for you to ask all your questions regarding senior home care, we think you’ll be pleased with our answers. Our specialists know it’s a strange thing to let a stranger into your home, and we want you to know how quickly we will feel like family. Evolve Home Care can come to you, wherever you are in Kingston, near or far, home or hospital.


Quality Control:

We regularly conduct visits to review your care and ascertain your needs are being met. Any changes you need to make to your plan can be made easily upon these visits, and swiftly implemented. Our quality control makes sure you know you are in control.


Stay in Touch:

Evolve Home Care will help you connect with the people you need to, when you want to. Family members, friends and healthcare providers will be regularly contacted, facilitated by your caregiver.


Anytime Support:

We have a 24/7 support line for anything you need. Your questions and concerns will always be heard. Day and night, Evolve Home Care is here for you.


COVID-19 Help:

During the pandemic, we want you to help you feel safe and comfortable. Our caregivers and certified nurses are all briefed on protocols and safe practices to ensure your senior home care is unchanged in such uncertain times.

What are our clients saying about us?

“I would recommend Evolve Home Care. The caregivers are kind and considerate. They go above and beyond to ensure the people in their care get what they need. My family has used their home care services for a while now, and we will continue to.”

-Patti M

“The home care services made such a big difference. My family appreciates all the work that the caregivers at Evolve Home Care do. They are professional and friendly, going the extra mile to take care of my grandmother.”

-Sandra B.

“I am grateful for Evolve Home Care and their care services. They took care of all the details, so I didn’t have to worry. Their caregivers exceeded my expectations by being attentive to every detail.”

-Lucy C.

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