It is a pleasure to write this testimonial for Josie and all of her staff at EVOLVE Homecare.
We hired Josie 4 years ago to assist us with the care of our elderly parents – 98 years old and 97 years old – both living together in their own home and not wanting to live anywhere else.

My father had had a very bad back injury and then went through several bouts of pneumonia mainly due to difficulties with swallowing and choking. At his 100 th birthday he was still able to get up and around using a walker but the last few bouts of pneumonia were very hard for him to recover from completely and he ended up being bed-ridden and needed a lot more personal care. We had assistance from the government with some care workers coming in but since it was the wish of everyone in the family to keep him at home we needed staff to be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for care and for safety. My mother – 1 year younger than my father, was healthier and much more independent but we were concerned about the possibility of her falling and since she wasn’t cooking anymore, we also required help with that. My sisters and I are all still working and so we weren’t able to take care of our parents for all of the time that was necessary.
My father passed away just a few weeks short of his 102 nd birthday – and we felt that our mother still needed care and company to remain at home safely. Josie and her staff – again  – were always there for her. Mum has just passed away from an emergency surgery that her body just could not recover from – she would have been 102 in a few months.

I cannot stress enough how grateful we are to Josie and her wonderful staff for taking such wonderful care of our parents. There was never anything done wrong – Josie always makes sure of that and she always goes the extra mile – something she has done many times for our family – in fact, she treats us as she would treat her own family – my sisters and I keep saying that we hope she is still providing care when we get that old!!

I cannot fault Josie, her staff or EVOLVE Homecare at all – the girls she sent to my parents’ home were very professional – well qualified, discreet, trustworthy, upbeat, and really cared about our parents. We knew that they also cared about us – keeping us well informed of any changes in our parents’ condition. We could feel confident and not worry because of this very high standard of care.
I would be happy to speak with anyone who might be considering hiring Josie and her staff – I wrote another testimonial several years ago saying basically the same thing – so you will know that their work is consistently excellent and up to the tests of time.
Please don’t hesitate to email me if you wish to talk further and we can make arrangements to do so.

Jennifer Payne


Loved the photo – thank you – AND thank you so much for your visit, the lovely plant, the delicious pie, and the Mass service for Mum!  I look forward to when we can come to the church and hear you sing!

Josie you have already given us so much – more than you know – the best the gift is of having such a kind, compassionate, and caring person like you in our lives helping us through the turbulent waters of caring for elderly parents – I will never forget your beautiful smile – which is
such a reflection of the beauty within you.

I could go on and on but I’ll stop there for now, With love, gratitude, and prayers for you and your family to keep safe and well and the best wishes for the business.


“That was So… special – it really pulled at my heartstrings to hear Mum’s name – thank you, AND please pass along our thanks to your priest for such thoughtfulness in including Mum in those services.
Thank you again for all you’ve done for Eleanor, David, and my family/me- words are really never enough. I know how well you took care of things at Pembroke St. and I will never forget all of your kindnesses and terrific staff – including Mary Ann, Rose, Maria, Linda, Jasmi, Angel, Dina, Shanel (sp?) and the many others that passed through – like Michelle. You and the girls came into Mum and Dad’s home and became members of the family.”
I hope we can get together soon.



“Just a note to let you know how much our family appreciated your Palliative Care Services over the last few months.  Because of the Caregivers at Evolve Home Care in Kingston, our dad was able to pass away peacefully at home at the age of…


“Last spring, I brought Evolve Home Care into my 82-year-old father’s home in Kingston to assist with daily living.  We have found the service to be excellent, with attentive and considerate staff looking after my father’s needs.  With Evolve Home Care helping to manage personal care and household chores and also providing warm and friendly company for my father, I have greater confidence and peace-of-mind in both his physical and mental health and overall well-being.  Thank you, Josie and the rest of the…
David Y

“I just want to thank you for the excellent Home Care Service in providing such consistently top-notch caregivers for my father, sometimes on very short notice, since I started dealing with Evolve Home Care Kingston. You were always accommodating, infinitely pleasant, helpful and supportive, swift to get return my calls. I am very, very grateful for all of it. Thank you very much for…


“After years of being cared for by the staff at Evolve Home Care in Kingston, we have successfully moved my grandmother home to Calgary.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all your  Caregivers who have been so supportive over the last several years.  The home care provided, including personal care and housekeeping, made it possible for her to live at her own home up to 96 years of age.  On behalf of my grandmother and family, please accept appreciation 


“Josie and Evolve Home Care Caregivers: I just can’t thank you enough! I would recommend you to anyone who needs Home Care in Kingston! You were so amazing during this difficult period in my life. I can’t thank-you enough for helping me through it knowing it would be your smiling face greeting me made getting out of bed more bearable. You went above and beyond what was asked of you and you are a wonder at your..




Evolve Home Care has been providing excellent Home Care Service for my elderly parents in Kingston since January. From our first interview, I knew we had the right company. The owner, Josie, is an extremely competent, very professional person who, at the same time, exudes a warm and caring personality – this blend is her hallmark as we have found it to be completely genuine. Josie has bent over backwards to send Caregivers that are a good match with my father and mother who are 100 and 99 years old respectively. She ensures that they have the necessary qualifications and she sends the most lovely people! She has also ensured that my parents receive consistent Caregivers who come so there aren’t too many changes for my parents. Josie also visits regularly to check in on my parents and ensure the Caregivers are providing the right care. She has also been brilliant at finding people to cover shifts with very little notice and has worked the shift herself if no one was available – I consider this “going the extra mile”! 


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